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Aaron & Nanore specialize in wedding photography, with a passion for getting that perfect shot that's creative, insightful, and honest. They enjoy getting the candid shots that capture quirky, sometimes emotional and unforseen moments, as well as the more formal, composed shots. You'll often see us togeather, tag-teaming weddings--it's good to have teammates who have a journalistic background. Always ready for the unexpected They're experienced, published, and friendly— most importantly, they're fun and creative photographers who enjoy being behind the camera! They generally cover anything relating to people and their environment. Always welcoming new clients and inquireies. Great references are always available.

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Waldon Pond Elopement by Aaron Spagnolo Photography
Waldon Pond Elopement by Aaron Spagnolo Photography

It is truly a rare event when the wedding photographer is the only guest at a wedding. Out purely just to share their love, at the last minute these two lovebirds decided to grab a wedding photographer, and head to Walden Pond—a spot made famous by...